Carollyn Eden

I have loved music since as far back as I can remember and it has always been one of the most important things in my life. To share this love through teaching is a joy and a privilege. As a teacher I am dedicated to helping each student find the way to learn music that really works for them, whatever their skill level or goal. For some exams and performing is a key element, for others simply learning music for their own personal joy and development is their aim. My teaching style varies from a very classical method for both piano and singing, which is my whole musical grounding, to much more free flowing techniques, including learning music by ear, using chord symbols and arranging music however feels best for a student. I frequently vary how I teach to help a student develop as musician.

For singers I am passionate about helping them find their own voice and truly sing expressing themselves. Singing is a wonderful, joyful thing. I believe everyone can sing well!

For young students whether they are learning piano or singing, first and foremost my focus is on helping them find their love of music and experience the joy of making music themselves. When a student is totally motivated they want to practise and progress happens.

My own journey as a musician has been a long and winding one and encompassed many musical styles and genres. As a young person In Leeds I was lucky to have access to a wealth of musical activities, learning piano, flute and singing, playing and singing in many groups including Leeds Youth Orchestra and regularly performing in concerts and competitive festivals as a soloist and group member. I then went to the Guildhall School of music to study piano and obtained a degree in music. After this I went on to study singing for many years with a host of wonderful teachers, including Paula Anglin, Mary Hammond, Laura Sarti and Sally Burgess and Emma Kirkby. Classical singing and musical theatre was my main focus for a lot of this time , but I also veered into jazz for a couple of years. I soon realised that composing my own songs was at the heart of music making for me and my own style from the outset was a combination of rock, folk and classical music. For my own songs I discovered that I needed to let myself sing in a really natural, expressive way, which was neither pure classical, rock or folk, or any other single genre, but rather just totally me. I was aware too that I had a lot of tensions in my voice and body. Learning how to release tension and sing with the whole of me has been a long and fascinating journey and which has influenced my own teaching.

Throughout my musical career I have divided my time between teaching , performing and composing,

My performing has spanned a wide range of music from early music to experimental projects, including performances at the Handel House Museum, London’s Waterloo Tunnels, the Brighton Festival, the ICA and Westminster Cathedral. Sung lead roles and written the libretto for two operas by composer Mark Glentworth and in 2014 and performed the drama Enoch Arden in Japan which received glowing reviews.

As a composer my work includes writing and arranging music for BBC Radio including The Radio 3 Essay series Music Of The Spheres and composing music for videos by the European Space Agency.

I am currently composing the songs for the 2nd album of my band Storm Deva and very excited about the release of our debut album "Alchemy" later this year!