Song-Writing,Composition and Music Theory

A singer-songwriter and composer, writing music is my greatest joy. Composing music can sometimes seem like something almost mystical, understood only by the chosen few, but this is not true at all. Anyone can write music. I will help demystify music by revealing the simple rules that underpin it. Music is magical, but it has its own natural laws which when you understand them will give you the tools to start making your own music in a surprisingly short time.

Whether you a beginner, or already writing music and looking for some more guidance to help you develop your skill, I will work with you on all the different aspects of musical composition so you can write the music you truly hear inside. We will look at melody, harmony, rhythm, and musical structure, building up from a grounding of solid basics towards writing ever more interesting and sophisticated music. As with my other teaching I am happy to work either in a traditional classical way, or in a much more free way. Each student is individual and I am dedicated to helping you reach your potential.

I am happy to combine song-writing with piano lessons even for beginner pianists and will work with you on both skills from lesson one.

GCSE and A level composition

I am experienced working with GCSE and A level students on their compositions.

ABRSM Theory exams

I have taught the ABRSM theory syllabus for years.